Why Unique?

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Traditional standards with modern techniques

At UNIQUE Bespoke LTD we offer exceptional customer service, and pride ourselves on our reputation we have within the industry and the work we have had the pleasure of completing to date.

We are constantly striving to stay up to date with the very latest news on timber treatments, as well as methods and tooling to help keep us at the very front of the pack. We invest a lot of time and money in research and development to ensure we are consistent in our production of quality outdoor joinery products we have become known for.

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Enviromentally Minded

Here at UNIQUE Bespoke Ltd we care about the environment and our impact on it. We ensure that all our suppliers are at a minimum a member of the FSC scheme.

We then also go to great lengths to keep our waste to a minimum and recycle 95% of our waste. For example we have agreements with local stables and livery yards for our shavings and sawdust, and off cuts of timber once unable to be used in our workshops are then used as fuel for enclosed log burners.

We are a proud member of the, "Think before printing" campaign, and are doing our best to cut down on the physical need for paper for our business. We are constantly looking for ways to lessen our impact on the environment.

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Affordable Design

At UNIQUE Bespoke Ltd we like to work closely with you to ensure we fully understand your project. This allows us to then be able to do two things:

  1. To wherever possible exceed your expectations.
  2. Be mindful of your budget and be able to offer an affordable solution.

We have a variety of different options and products available to us to be able to help us achieve the above two points. This all helps us ensure your project can be completed to the highest possible standard, and come in on budget.

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UNIQUE Bespoke LTD has a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of design, joinery and construction, timber, and customer service.

We call upon all these key elements and more every day to ensure we are offering the very best service and quality products are we are known for.

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UK Sourced Materials

Here at UNIQUE Bespoke Ltd we are extremely proud of the fact that we use local UK Sourced products.

We are pleased to say that 97% of the goods we use and sell come from within a 100 mile radius of our workshop and yard. This helps us have an excellent level of communication with our suppliers, cuts down our lead times, and also helps to bolster the local economy.

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Local Business

UNIQUE Bespoke Ltd is owned and run by two directors Rob and Mike.

Both being local businessmen it was important to them to keep the company where they were brought up. UNIQUE Bespoke LTD is based in the heart of the Essex countryside and we are proud to be working with other local businesses and residents alike. We are also members of the Witham Chamber of Commerce.

We do our very best to help in the local community and wherever we can attend local and county wide events throughout the year.